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Shipping Delays, Priority Mail Issues

Due to the situation with the virus, shipping carriers may be prioritizing critical shipments.  As a result, your shipments may be delayed and we cannot guarantee delivery times.   Priority Mail is very unreliable, so we strongly suggest using UPS whenever possible.

International shipments may experience significant delays due to the reduction in air travel. We have found that UPS international shipments generally arrive in a week, while Priority Mail may take up to two months to arrive, and tracking information is missing or inaccurate.

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DASS ART HectoGel™ Coming Soon!

The HectoGel™ gelatin transfer and mixed media process. This is easy and fun for everyone and fantastic for the classroom.
Learn how to make the HectoGel plate then transfer an inkjet image printed on the DASS Dual Film, using a photo gloss profile, to the gel surface.
Just lay the image on the gel plate and the image magically moves in 5-10 minutes.
Then hand paint the image in color and pull  off the painted print after applying printmaking making paper or Reemay fiber.
Virtual Workshop dates will be posted very soon!
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NEW 2nd DATE Virtual Emulsion Lift Workshop MARCH 26th & 27th 10-12:30pm MST

NEW Date Virtual Emulsion Lift Workshop MARCH 26th & 27th 10-12:30pm MST with Carrie Lhotka

We will be covering the Emulsion Lift Process.  We will need two days in order to show the overnight process for the Emulsion Lift.  We’ll also learn to work with different materials using image transfer with a variety of “Skins”.

The Workshop Kit will be automatically added to your cart.  We strongly recommend choosing UPS shipping due to issues with Postal Service delays.
In addition, we will also send a list of a few products that you will need to have on hand or purchase prior to the workshop via email after you sign up, including  links to where you can purchase these items.
You will need a bottle of 91% isopropyl alcohol to make SuperSauce Solution.  You will also need to print your images on the Dual Transfer film included with the kit using a inkjet printer that uses pigment inks.  Both the sauce and the prints need to be done at least the day before the workshop.
The workshop will be delivered using Please make sure your equipment is compatible with the latest version of the software.
The link and information will be emailed to you before the workshop.  Please use this time Zone Converter to find the time for the workshop in your time zone.