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Emulsion Lift virtual workshop Sept 30th-Oct 1st

Virtual Emulsion Lift Workshop  (with additional process of  a special Fresco transfer) Sept 30- Oct 1st 10-12:30pm MST

We will be covering different processes of Emulsion Lifts with substrates of acrylic, aluminum & wood.

The Workshop Kit will be automatically added to your cart and will be shipped out to you with plenty of time before workshop.

In addition, we will also send a list of products that you will need to have on hand or purchase prior to the workshop via email after you sign up.
You will need to print your images on the Dual Transfer film (included in the kit) using a inkjet printer that uses pigment inks. These prints need to be done at least a day before the workshop in order to dry properly.
The workshop will be delivered using Please make sure your equipment is compatible with the latest version of the software. The link and information will be emailed to you before the workshop.  Please use this time Zone Converter to find the time for the workshop in your time zone.
We will need two days in order to show the overnight process for the Emulsion Lift.  We’ll also learn to work with different substrates using this image transfer process.