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DASS ART HectoGel™ Virtual Workshops June 18-19, July 9-10, July 30-31

Virtual Workshops June 18-19, July 9-10, July 30-31st (10-12:30pm MDT all workshop days)
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This fun for everyone and fantastic for the classroom. Combine it with our transfers and it go up a notch!
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A hectograph is a prepared gelatin surface from which images can be pulled. Originally it was used in the early 1900’s as a means of reproducing copies. Some people may remember them being used at schools or restaurants. A special carbon paper or copy pencil was used on paper, and would be placed face down on the gelatin pad which would receive the pencil. When another sheet was placed down, the image/text would print and transfer from the gelatin.
Learn how to make the HectoGel plate then transfer an inkjet image printed on the DASS Dual Film, using a photo gloss profile, to the gel surface.
Just lay the image on the gel plate and the image magically moves in 5-10 minutes.
Then hand paint the image in color and pull  off the painted print after applying printmaking paper or Reemay fiber.
TOOLS needed
• Measuring cups and spoons (plastic)
• Quart sized glass Pyrex measuring cup
• Safty equiptment, gloves, glasses etc.
• Leveling tool
• Paper towels
• Plastic 2 quart mixing bowl
• Silicon spatula
• Paper (smooth art paper, typing paper etc)
HINT: The local Dollar Store is a cheap place to find most of these tools. Never reuse tools for food
Your boxed kit will be shipped out to you 2-3 weeks in advance of your workshop date and you’ll receive an email with other things you need on hand or purchase around the same time.