I am using transfer film from another company, do other films work? Or do I need to buy DASS transfer film?

The processes in our books and videos have been developed and tested for use with genuine DASS ART products.  In fact, those products were specifically developed in order to make the processes work!  Third party products may or may not work, even if they claim to be the same as ours.  Genuine DASS ART products are currently only sold on www.DASSART.com, and through our ETSY store (DASS2Sell) – they are not sold by any third party (we’ll let you know if that changes), and we do not private label our products for anyone else.  For support on our products, please first verify that you are using genuine DASS ART products, and then visit our support web page at: http://dassart.com/contact-us/


I use matte black inks (Epson 3880). I do rub it gently, but only after rinsing it first, sometimes with warm water. The ink comes off right in the first rinse of water under the sink. I just use my fingers to get the rest of the goop off. I always apply a prime layer, let it dry, and then do the transfer. My transfers are good, then when I rinse, often the blacks will fade, and other times I will get pin pricks so it leaves a pattern of tiny spots.

Your problem is with the matte black inks. I think it contains some greasy component that keeps it from be locked into the SuperSauce.  If you use the Luster Epson profile that will use photo black  ink.  That profile is richer in color than the photo gloss profiles. If you are using the classic film you can skip the de-slime step and apply a quick sealing coat of the SuperSauce Solution.  Use single strokes quickly and do not brush hard or you will dissolve the image. Just flow it on and let it dry.

What is Supersauce White? How would you use it?

If you are working with SuperSauce Matte or Gloss already consider adding the new SuperSauce Concentrate White to the collection. It is used to layer images and build collage layers.  Used alone it is about 85% opaque. Use it to back paint transfers to glass as the sealing layer. It is also used to create the cracked surfaces over black gesso.  Use it to transfer to black acrylic or gold/brown aged aluminum.  A tutorial on cracked surfaces will be posted soon. It can be used as a sealing primer layer on wood.

How is the WonderSauce different than the SuperSauce?

First, WonderSauce is not a replacement for the SuperSauce. It was developed to provide a non-Alcohol transfer medium that can be used by schools and for people who would rather use water based products. It is not for use on absorbent papers.  It is best used on plexiglass, frosted plex, metals, glass, clayboard and hardwoods. The surface needs to be very clean, very smooth and mostly non absorbent. It can also transfer to light weight 58gm Evolon. Bergger paper and Arches Platine. The WonderSauce transfer does not form a fluid skin so it cannot be used to make decals and skins like the SuperSauce.

WonderSauce must be used with the DASS Premium Film. The WonderSauce transfer takes a bit of practice to perfect.
Watch a full tutorial here: WonderSauce


I live in Canada and cannot buy 91% isopropyl alcohol. Can I make it by diluting 99% alcohol.

Combine 1.5 cups of 99% isopropyl alcohol and 1/2 cup of 70% isopropyl alcohol are mixed it will make a 91.75% mixture. Then shake the SuperSauce Concentrate and add 4 tablespoons to the alcohol mixture. It seems to work properly. This makes 16 ounces or 2 cups of SuperSauce Solution. Also check Amazon in your county.

A second work-around is to make SuperSauce solution with 9 tablespoons of 99% alcohol, 1 tablespoon distilled water, and 1 tablespoon SuperSauce concentrate.