How is the WonderSauce different than the SuperSauce?

First, WonderSauce is not a replacement for the SuperSauce. It was developed to provide a non-Alcohol transfer medium that can be used by schools and for people who would rather use water based products. It is not for use on absorbent papers.  It is best used on plexiglass, frosted plex, metals, glass, clayboard and hardwoods. The surface needs to be very clean, very smooth and mostly non absorbent. It can also transfer to light weight 58gm Evolon. Bergger paper and Arches Platine. The WonderSauce transfer does not form a fluid skin so it cannot be used to make decals and skins like the SuperSauce.

WonderSauce must be used with the DASS Premium Film. The WonderSauce transfer takes a bit of practice to perfect.
Watch a full tutorial here: WonderSauce