Q. What is the difference between the Classic Transfer Film and the Premium Transfer Film?

A. The DASS Premium Transfer Film has more inkjet coating than the DASS Classic Transfer Film.  This extra coating is needed when doing transfers using DASS WonderSauce which is a thin water based product.  Never add any liquid to the WonderSauce. The DASS Premium Transfer Film is also used for hand sanitizer gel transfers.  The DASS Premium Transfer Film can be used for SuperSauce transfers if you are willing to experiment with adjusting the procedure. You will need to experiment if you use Premium film with SuperSauces. Always remove your brush from the WonderSauce jar at the end of the day and seal the jar.

The DASS Classic Transfer Film is for use with the DASS SuperSauces.  It has less inkjet coating which makes it easier to do transfer using the SuperSauce Solutions.  Fresco transfers to gelatin are created with the DASS Classic Transfer Film. If you use the DASS Classic Transfer Film with WonderSauce you will need to experiment.

What kind of ink should I use for the transfer process?

You need to use Pigment Ink for all our processes.

Research on the internet for your printer model.  The word ‘long lasting’ does not mean they are pigment inks.  Many printer under $300 use a black pigment but the colors are dyes.  These will not work.  Generally if a printer uses pigment it will say they are pigment.  If it is not mentioned then they are usually dyes.