I am using transfer film from another company, do other films work? Or do I need to buy DASS transfer film?

The processes in our books and videos have been developed and tested for use with genuine DASS ART products.  In fact, those products were specifically developed in order to make the processes work!  Third party products may or may not work, even if they claim to be the same as ours.  Genuine DASS ART products are currently only sold on www.DASSART.com, and through our ETSY store (DASS2Sell) – they are not sold by any third party (we’ll let you know if that changes), and we do not private label our products for anyone else.  For support on our products, please first verify that you are using genuine DASS ART products, and then visit our support web page at: http://dassart.com/contact-us/


Why do I have a white bloom on my Alcohol Gel transfers after they dry?

Look for the Arches 88 watermark on the sheet you bought to verify you have the correct paper. Some people are sold Arches 88 but the sales clerks don’t really know the product and are selling people watercolor paper. Watercolor paper will not work. It will bloom. Use the new DASS Premium Transfer Film.The receiving paper MUST be well soaked with Purell on both sides. If it is not fully worked into the paper it will bloom with the white dust. If your hands touch the Purell it will liquefy and cause the bloom. Print at 1440 dpi (600 dpi on the HP) using a watercolor paper profile. This will cause the printer to use the matte black. Heat causes the Purell to liquefy which results in the white bloom. After the transfer is done leave the paper on the surface you used to do the transfer.  Do not move it to drying rack. Heat of any kind is the enemy of this process. Also try storing the Purell in a refrigerator. The ideal room temperature to work in is 75 degrees. Also try applying the Purell to both sides of the paper then letting it dry.  After it is dry reapply the Purell. The buffers in some paper can cause the white spots so the second application of Purell may solve the problem.

I was introduced to using DASS Transfer Film at my undergraduate university and I am in graduate school and I am interested in using the same process again. I wanted to know is there a difference between “Classic” Transfer Film and “Premium” Transfer Film? I will be using Purell hand sanitizer for the transfer part. The printer I will be using is Epson 4880 inkjet printer.

Premium Transfer Film is recommended for the Purell transfers. This film has the same coating as the Classic Transfer Film but it has a thicker inkjet coating which makes the Purell transfer better.  I suggest using the Epson luster photo paper profile.