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While we would like to be able to handle all of your questions personally, we just can’t keep up with the volume of email that we receive. Otherwise we’d have no time for developing new products, producing new videos, and writing new books – let alone doing our own art!

The vast majority of questions have already been answered in our videos and books, so please check there first.  For WonderSauce Questions, please first review the video instructions on the product page or read Hacking the Digital Print.

If you haven’t read the books or watched the videos, please do – they will teach you how to use the products – we don’t have the ability to provide individual instruction via email.  If you need more customized instruction, please consider attending one of our workshops.

For applications of the products not included in the book, your best option is to do what we do – experiment!

If you use Facebook, you can join the Facebook group for user to user support.

If you would still like to ask a question, please use the support form below. It’ll ask you for most of the information we need to help troubleshoot problems, and save us both a lot of back and forth. We’ll try to get back to you, but can’t promise how long it may take.

For shipping, sales, orders, and store questions, please use the sales form on the previous page.

Please note:  We can only provide support for authentic DASS ART products.



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