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The New WonderSauce White virtual workshop Oct 17th 10-1pm

The New WonderSauce White virtual Workshop Oct 17th 10-1pm—and a check back in the morning at 10am MT

The Dass Art WonderSauce White has been reformulated! It is thicker and and the pigment white is stronger. It can be tinted with Golden High Flow acrylics or Golden Flud Acrylics. It is beautiful on dark substrates to create vintage black and white & duotone. It is great for use in schools.

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In this workshop we will be working with our new formula of WonderSauce White and aged plates, Matte black Cinefoil, black acrylic and other dark substrates. This new formula has a wonderful fluid matte finish and works different in our transfer processes than the last WonderSauce white.

We will also work on pre finishing substrates with this new formula. I will have you watch a video prior to the workshop to have images prepared and printed in a new way for the transfers in the workshop.

*****We will have a special half hour talk with Sherry Lee from Freestyle photographic supplies.

Workshop kits will be mailed out to you after you sign up.
I look forward to this new workshop and can’t wait to work with you and your art!

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