Kit for DASS ART OPTIMIZED® Yupo & Glass Transfers July 31st


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Workshop Kit DASS ART OPTIMIZED® Yupo & Glass Transfers

In this Workshop Kit you will receive:

1 piece of *Starphire glass 8×10, 1 piece of mirror 8×10, 1 DASS ART OPTIMIZED® Yupo Pack of 13×19, 1 DASS ART Premium film sample pack, 1 WonderSauce Clear, 1 pack of Suntography Powder

* Starphire tempered Low iron glass.  It is near colorless.  This glass while beautiful it is expensive.  The piece you are sent for the workshop is also tempered to help protect it from breaking.  Unlike regular glass it will not break in shards if dropped.  If it is dropped or hit on the edge it will burst into pea sized  pellets