Skins, Skins and more Skins Virtual Workshop Nov 13-14th


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DASS ART Virtual Workshop: Skins, Skins and more Skins with Carrie Lhotka

November 13th & 14th 10-12pm  MT both days

This new DASS ART Virtual Workshop  will focus on making skins on our new Carrier Sheets with layers of paint & transfers that can then be pealed off and placed onto other substrates. Among the different ways to achieve this will be fiber emulsions, emulsion lifts and SuperSauce skins. The nice thing about these skins is that you can put these onto any substrate, from aluminum to glass

We will be making them on carrier sheets then pealed off or soaked off over night, depending on the process. These skins are nice because you can put them on items and paintings, or substrates that cannot be transferred to.


This will be a two day workshop.