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Introducing our NEW DASS ART DUAL Film

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Video tutorial is here:

DASS ART Dual Transfer Film

Use your own file for a timing test
or use this test
file which can be downloaded from the Dual Transfer Film product page.

https://dassart. com/product/dual- film-print-test-file/

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Dass Art is introducing our new Dual Transfer Film. This new coating can be used with either the WonderSauce or SuperSauce Transfer processes. There are minor adjustments to the time the printed image is left in place. The new timing is based on the 30% humidity and a 70 degree room temperature. Below are the adjustment to the transfer timing.

If you live in a very humid climate just before doing a transfer use a hair dryer to remove any moisture the print absorbed from the air. Cool the print then do the transfer immediately. This is especially nec- essary with Epson imaged. Remember to always use a photo luster or gloss photo profile. Never use
a profile for canvas or watercolor paper because that will print with matte black inks. All the inks must be pigments. Print the image with all pigment inks using a photo gloss profile the uses photo black ink. Do not use matte black in profiles.

SuperSauce Transfers

•SuperSauce transfers to smooth non porous substrates like metal, acrylic sheets and glass can be left in contact for and hour or more because the alcohol cannot evaporate. Tests have been done on glass leaving the film in contact for up to 4 hours.

•SuperSauce Transfers to wood, paper and acrylic paint will transfer abut 10% longer then previous DassArt Transfer Film Classic.
•SuperSauce Emulsion lifts will require a faster and lighter brush stroke when applying the solution directly to the image. Alway use a hair dryer to remove moisture from a print before applying the solution and then let the film cool. Immediately apply the solution.

WonderSauce Transfers

In all transfers the time the Dual film it is left in contact will be 20-30% shorter than is in previous transfers. If you are new to WonderSauce the new transfer time is 10 seconds on Aqua Coated smooth wood. Removal time on metal and glass will general be 20 seconds. On DASSART ART Opti- mized YUPO it will be about 30 seconds.

It is suggested you print an full color 8×10 image on the new DUAL FILM and do a test. Lift off 2” after 10 second. Wait for 10 more seconds and lift another 2”. Keep adding time and lift another 2”.
With SuperSauce do the test in 1 minute steps for 5 minutes. You will be able to determine the best time for each media in your studio. Temperature and humidity affect transfer time. Epson piezo inkjet prints take longer to dry than Canon or HP thermal inkjet prints, especially in humid locations.