DASS ART Transfer Workshop with Carrie Lhotka November 3rd,4th & 5th, Boulder CO

This workshop will be held at the Lhotka Studio in Boulder ,Colorado. Carrie Lhotka will be teaching transfer processes from all three books by Bonny Lhotka with an additional twist of adding paint & Layering. The newest substrate DASS Yupo will be covered as well as a demonstration and talk about the Resin Image Lift process and all its possibilities.


I also will bring some of the transfers I have done on 3D printed objects for those that are interested in learning that as well.  Some of the 3D printed transfers are in the last book Hacking the Digital Print.

For more information on Carrie, please see the ‘Instructors page’ in the link below.

See our Workshop Page for information on Travel, Refunds, and other policies.

Friday 12-5pm will be a meet & greet plus organizing & prep time, Saturday 9-5 pm and Sunday 9-4 pm. Tuition for a full 2 1/2 day intensive workshop is $575.00 per person plus $195 for materials & lunch.


We will send you 2 sample packs of DASS ART film ( classic and  premium) to print your images on using inkjet pigment ink printers.   If you don’t have a pigment ink inkjet printer, there are print shops that will do it for you.  Make sure that you do not use dye-based ink.  Allow to dry completely, then put sheets of paper in between the photos so they do not stick, and bring them to the workshop.

Remember to reverse your images before printing, especially with words or numbers so that when you transfer they are correct.

I will send out a notice of any last minute ideas and reminders a couple weeks before. Boulder is just beautiful this time of year, the studio could get a bit chilly but we will be outside at times and it could be sunny.   Please, do remember to dress in layers and covered shoes for safety. The materials fee covers all the materials that you will be working with plus lunch Sat and Sun.   I will send a list of additional items to bring as well as some optional items.

This workshop will be limited to just 12 people so there will be plenty of 1-1 time.

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