Colorado Educators Mixed Technology Workshop June 27, 28 & 29 2018 Boulder, CO

DASS ART   June 27, 28 & 29  Wed, Thur & Fri
Mixed Technology Workshop with 
•Bonny Lhotka, artist, author
•Carrie Lhotka, artist
•Jeff Slupe, Career And Technical Training, LLC (CATT)
•Each participant will receive a copy of Hacking The Digital Print by Bonny Lhotka
•This workshop is limited to educators in Colorado schools. It will include introductions to the unique applications that Bonny has developed using the Roland LEF UV printers and the Universal Laser. You will be  introduced to Caustigrams, lithophanes, intaglio prints, white ink photography and slump molded formed UV prints. These are all unique applications developed by Bonny using the Roland LEF UV printer and the Universal Laser.
•DASS ART Optimized YUPO will be fully explored in this workshop.  This synthetic paper has a optimized coating created especially for use with WonderSauce and SuperSauce transfer processes.
• You will learn to use SuperSauce™ and WonderSauce™ to create unique pigment transfer images on variety of substrates. Learn to make fluid image skins that can be manipulated to make emulsion transfers that look like Polaroid transfers on steroids. You will learn to make crackle surfaces, mixed media layering techniques, how to create custom graphite panels to use WonderSauce infused with mica.
•Wednesday  and Thursday you will be introduced to all the processes. On Friday you can focus on the processes that apply to individual school curriculums. Many of these process have been taught by Bonny at the George Eastman Museum as alternative photographic processes.

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